Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trip to the Troodos!

On Friday we got up early to take a day trip to the Troodos mountains. Unfortunately it was super foggy and rainy so after the 1.5 hour trip up all we could see were the trees right in front of us (there was some snow up there, but nothing impressive). After hanging out at the top for 45 min things cleared up a bit and we could see some mountains in the distance. It was neat. The bus stopped 2 more times in little towns on our way down the mountain. The first place (I don't know the name of the town) was super cute and very hilly with narrow windy roads and all of the shops were small and privately owned. Many of the restaurants overlooked the rest of the mountains and had seriosuly great views. Unfortunately again, 98% of the shops were closed for some unknown reason-maybe it wasn't tourist season or something. The other town we stopped in was closer to the bottom of the mountain and super flat. It had cobblestone streets and strange trees and short cute houses and old churches. It was uber pretty.

Yesterday we slept in hardcore because we went out to a club til 4am the night before. It was our friend's birthday and she knew the bartender at the club-he got us all in for free with VIP seating and a cake and champagne, and he had the DJ wish her happy birthday. It was really exciting for her and it was nice not spending euros for once. So after waking up late I watched a few hours of tv online and got caught up on the Office (poor Andy). We basically hung out inside all day and made pasta again for dinner because it's hella cheap, and then Martin came home. We went to our Spanish friends' apartment to play beer pong (they learned from the Americans last semester) and they were actually very good. I forgot to say last time that they are friends with an American volleyball player who plays for the Cyprus team and he's fantastic as well. Anyway after that we went out to a club that was mega ghetto and danced for a while, and then Martin, the girls and I got a cab home. Even though we got home earlier than usual we still made it to bed by 530.

Today we did absolutley nothing but go to McDonalds. I got a Greek Mac. It was pretty good for 4 euro. We came back and went online for a bit and hungout outside with the boys then went inside to do nothing again. Then we made awesome chicken and pasta for all and managed to get everything cleaned up pretty quickly. Dez, Kel and I went to Zorba's, a 24 hour bakery (?), and got some fun dessert. Now we're just chillaxing and trying to find some stuff to do the night before the first day at our new school. I feel like a freshman again.

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