Thursday, January 22, 2009


On Tuesday night we went to our Nigerian friends' apartment to watch the inauguration and it was super cool. The 5 guys we met there were all from Nigeria and were almost as excited as we were about Obama. They told us all sorts of stories about what life is like in Nigeria and how they were all very lucky because their parents were politicians, putting them in the upper class and giving them opportunities that others didn't have. After that they took us out to a cute bar in the old city where they paid for our drinks and we played pool for a while. They were all a lot of fun and mega interesting. Also before we went out Anwar and Dez captured a stray cat to play with. Apparently some girls in our program thought it would be a good idea to catch a cat and take it in and take care of it like a house pet (?).

Yesterday we had a cooking class as part of our orientation. We went to a classroom with stadium seating with a kitchen in the front for cooking classes at the University. A culinary arts professor made us traditional Cypriot food and showed us how to cook it so that we could make it ourselves (most of it would be way too difficult). We learned about popular lamb dishes, fried cheese, minced meat balls, and some cold appetizers. Later on we were put into groups and sent on a scavenger hunt around the city which was super tedious but fun. We had to take pictures in front of specific places and ask natives about events in the area and we had to end in a cute little restaurant downtown. Our team didn't win, but we got some pretty good Cypriot food and we met some new people in our program. I've decided that downtown is wonderful and I love it.
After dinner we went back and got ready to go out. The international students that we met over the weekend told us about a club they were going to downtown with an open bar so the 4 of us and Anwar went to meet them. It was SO much fun. It was small, but all of the awesome kids I met before were there and there was electronica/rap/rock music on til the club closed at 3. Today we had to get up and go to the Cyprus Archeology Museum. It was super interesting but I would have appreciated it more if it wasn't first thing in the morning.

Tomorrow we have a day trip to the Troodos Mountains and I'm hella excited!!

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