Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to School

So this week was my first week at the University of Nicosia. Not bad so far! On Monday I started at 1030 with Gender in Literature-my professor seems very nice and very passionate about the class. It also seems hella easy. There's about 20 people in the class and all of them are girls, and only 2 of us are Americans. It also seems easy which is FANTASTIC! My other class on Monday is Photography, which is at night at he GLS office, so there are only Americans in the class. It seems like it will be fun, and my prof is hot. Day 1 was a success.
Yesterday I only had Greek Language and Culture I at 300 pm, and of the 20 something students in the class maybe 7 of us are Americans. Thankfully no one else knows any Greek, so we're all in the same boat. Our professor does not seem overly freindly, but she is very willing to help us and she is aware that the alphabet alone is difficult for us to learn. I'm mega excited to be able to read the signs and labels around town and at the grocery store.
Today I had my lit class again, and there were even more kids this time because we're still in the add/drop period. I'm thinking about not taking the Greek Art class I was originally signed up for because I've already taken 2 art classes at Pitt and this one is at 9 am two times a week (one of those lectures is Thursday morning and Wednesday is a big party night here, so that helped sway my decision :) ). Instead I think I'm going to take Psychology I because I never had to take it for my major and there are no prerequisites-it should be pretty interesting, and most of the things should be familiar since I probably learned a lot of it in my intro Neuro classes.

Changing the subject a bit, I thought there would be more international students here. I guess there are a decent amount, but they don't look much different from Cypriots (dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair). Many kids are from Russia, the Ukraine, Finland, or Turkey. Obviously, I stick out like a sore thumb here, and I can feel it when I walk into the smokey cafeteria (you can pretty much smoke anywhere here-it's pretty gross) and everyone is looking at me.

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