Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching Up and the SUPERBOWL

So I forgot to mention that last Tuesday night we (Martin, the girls, our friend Dana from downstairs, and I) went out to a Jazz Bar. It was a very hip, classy place-tables needed to be reserved ahead of time, and everything on the menu was expensive. We all got dressed up and Martin drove us (woohoo no cab fare!) and we hung out at our reserved table and listened to jazz music. We thought we would be cool and order a drink and some dessert, since we haven't had any dessert really since we've been here (Zorba's does not count). We all ordered a vodka espresso drink that was 10 euro and FABULOUS and some chocolate dome dessert for 6.50 euro which was also to die for. It was a pretty expensive Tuesday night, but it was money well spent.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night we went out clubbing again and had a good time. On Friday my roommates and I played kings and made Malibu and pineapples and it was great. Saturday we decided to try shopping for more going-out clothes, for both clubs and nice places. There's a discount store similar to TJ Maxx down the street that we decided to try out and it was everything I expected it to be. There were cosmetics and perfumes and things, toys, decorative lamps and other decoartive things, and then a level for discounted clothes. I bought some conditioner and 2 cute shirts for 10 euro-probably the best investment I've made since I've been here. We decided that we really needed a huge, awesome American meal and there was a Bennigan's right next door to the discount store so we decided to treat ourselves. We haven't had real meat in a while since it's so expensive and we only buy chicken, so hamburgers sounded like a great idea. Three of us ordered cheesburgers and we were unbelievably disappointed when they sucked harcore. The meat was NOT like American ground beef, it was some sort of processed crap with seasonings or whatever and it was gross. Dezi ordered chicken so she was in the clear when it was GREAT. We figured that since our dinners were so awful we would order a fantastic 3 euro dessert. We all got milkshakes with cheesecake blended in and it was the most amazing thing I've ever had and it totally made up for the burger. Later on that night Dezi, Dana and I headed out to a club where our names were on the list so we got in FO FREE. It was a good time, except on the way there our cab driver had no idea where the club was so he drove all over the place and the fare ended up being 11 euros. WAY TOO MUCH FOR A CAB. And Dana thought he would be a nice guy and tip the driver (?). Anyway, all in all it was a good night.

Yesterday we woke up late and walked around outside and explored the area around our University. We saw some fancy houses and watched the sun set, and it was wonderful. Dez and I decided that since it was Superbowl Sunday we should be American again and order som fried chicken, so we ordered some SFC (Southern Fried Chicken) and it was ok. The delivery guy got lost on his way here-trying to give directions to somewhere you're not familiar with to a guy who barely speaks English is a very difficult task. Either way, our chicken came in a timely fashion so it was fine. We hungout after dinner with Martin and Anwar and taught them both how to play the card game Bullshit (also not an easy task). It was pretty entertaining :D. We waited around for a little bit and then left for Ivanhoe's to watch the Superbowl at 130 am. Anwar didn't come and Martin made it 15 minutes before getting tired and going home. There was a surprisingly small number of Americans from our program there, and there were two huge tables reserved for an Asian family that didn't speak English. They had someone translating and explaining everything that was happening in the game which was funny. Anyway, Steelers fans were the minority in the bar, but not by much. We all bought beer and were super disappointed when they showed NONE of the famous Superbowl commercials. There were mostly commercials for Air Asia and sometimes they would show commentators. Most people in the bar left at half time, but Dez and I stayed the whole time and I'm so glad that we did-what a great game. I have never ever ever been so excited about American football (that wasn't a Pitt game) in my life and part of me wished I could have been in Pittsburgh for the win. Unfortunately Dez was rooting for the Cardinals so her spirit was pretty crushed when they lost. I promised her I wouldn't rub it in too much that she sucks and that she should have just joined the winning side from the beginning.

Anywho, the game ended around 530 am our time so afterwards we left and came back to go to bed since I had class at 1030 am.

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